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I was born and brought up in Swinton, South Yorkshire and originally trained as a geologist at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, achieving a first class honours degree in my chosen subject. After a further three years of study at both U.C.W. Aberystwyth and The Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research in Boulder, Colorado, I was awarded a PhD in Biogeochemistry. I worked in the oil industry for several years before having a family. As my children got older, I worked within education before turning full-time professional artist in September 1999. I was a member of the Fountain Gallery in East Molesey, Surrey from 2001 to 2009. I currently live with my husband & two sons in Surrey, England. I am an avid nature lover & am particularly fond of both domestic & 'big' cats. 

I always enjoyed drawing as a child, but wasn’t terribly good at it (unless it involved horses). I developed my observation and draughtsmanship at university as a result of illustrating rocks and fossils. My early style for some years was that of the nature illustrator, concentrating particularly on birds, animals and flowers. To my delight, the fox I painted on the side of my dustbin still gives people a start and even passing cats and foxes are often fooled by it

Following a family trip to Australia, my fascination with dots began and I absorbed the distinctive dotted stylism associated with Australian Aboriginal art into my work. My early pieces reflect the symbolism associated with Australian Aboriginal Art, however, my work progressed rapidly and for the last few years, my work combines both dot and brushstroke technique to produce realistically painted subjects on dotted backgrounds of spectacular colour gradation. I have also begun to produce more traditionally painted wildlife pieces again. People often ask how I can produce two such different styles of work. The answer is easy - not only do I enjoy both techniques immensely but both involve a great deal of detail, one using dots and the other lines. 

The change from worker to self-employed artist has been one of the hardest things that I have ever done. To work using such a technique is physically very demanding and involves very long working hours but is ultimately very satisfying. My work may seem expensive but the time spent painting each piece is reflected in the price (hours x £2.50, rounded down to the nearest sensible amount). Like most artists, I’ll never be rich, but love what I do. Because of the relatively high price of the originals I sell prints of my work so that if anyone really likes a particular image, then at least owning a signed limited edition print is an option.The high quality digitally reproduced limited edition prints, which are available for most of my works, are available at very affordable prices. Prints can even be ordered at up to twice their original size, or at half size if preferred (prices available on request).